Monday, October 15, 2007

Bubu Anna and Cousin Taube visit Alotau

Mums Anna Nilkare

Kaure's paternal grandma or Bubu Anna came over for his birthday along with Kaure's little cousin sister Taube (Rob's younger brother JJ and Anna Usurup's daughter). They both ended up staying with us for about a week. Mums Anna, as she's affectionately known, was quite content, as long as she had her supply of buai (betel nut), she was happy. It was her first time to spend quality time with her grandson since he was born, so both she and Taube got to know Kaure a bit better and vice versa.
If you can't find an umbrella, grab a banana leaf!
Mums Anna,Little Taube Nilkare and Rosita William
Jamon Simpson- " Max, This banana leaf is so not cool!"

There were some hilarious moments. Taube speaks only tok pisin (Pidgin English) while Kaure speaks only English so watching them communicate was priceless! Taube, although younger than Kaure, has a very strong personality and is quite vocal. She had no qualms in telling Kaure off if she wasn't happy with him, and even though he didn't understand a word she said, he responded right back in English. By the the end of the week Kaure had started saying some pidgin phrases like " Mi les!" and Taube was also saying some English words like "Enough Talking!".
Brekky time for Taube and Kaure-one minute they're smiling,
the next they're scowling!
Taube is just adorable, at 2 years of age she's a little Sine-bada (old woman), very independent with a cheeky streak. I don't think Kaure knew quite how to handle her. After much squabbling though, by the end of the week, they were best of friends.
All dressed up at Gurney Airport

They look so cute!
(L-R) Patty Sinyoi with Taube,Lucy at the back,Mums and Maxine

It was lovely having them over. Both Kaure and I enjoyed their company and I know my friends and family really took to Mums Anna. She's very down to earth, open and I think she enjoyed the change of scenery after being in Moresby all the time. She's already made plans to return soon. I've suggested that perhaps the next time she visits, Kaure and I might take her swimming and snorkelling at our village on Sariba Is.
"Yeah Daddy, Bubu Mums is coming on da plane now,
can you pick her up at da airport?
A tearful Mums Anna saying final good byes to her bubu.