Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kaure's 3rd Birthday Party

Kaure and friends, preparing to blow out the candles.

Each year we try to do something a little different for Kaure's birthday. When he was born, his father (Robert Nilkare) would buy a muffin from Andersons Foodland in Moresby (they have the best muffins in Pom). We'd put a candle on it and sing Happy Birthday to him when he was just a week old, two weeks old and so on until he was a few months old.

The cake from Alotau Int'l Hotel

On his first birthday (we'd already moved to Alotau) I held a small party for him at Wanigili with close friends and family and as usual cooked waaay too much food with the help of our fantastic chef Richie. First birthday's being a big deal,his father had to do it the "Chimbu" way and hosted a HUGE party at Bluff Inn, Port Moresby.We flew to Pom for the event. Rob must have invited about a hundred people (most were his side of the family and numerous friends), then there was the live band, coke bouncing castle, two huge pigs and lots of food. We must have brought back 7 rainbow bags full of nothing but Kaure's presents. We were still opening them by X-mas! So yes, being the only child of the first born son of the Nilkares , he is spoilt (especially by his father who lives in Pom and rarely sees him). One of the many things Rob and I differ in is that with him it's all about excess whereas for me, I like to keep things simple and uncomplicated.

Mum and all the young Aunties put on a feast!

Kaure's second birthday was a more intimate affair at Napatana Lodge. It was a lovely day, the Napatana staff did a wonderful job with catering, and decorating the place. They really took care of us and Kaure had his little play mates over. I baked the cake,his father also turned up. No pigs this time! Just a normal kids party with party hats, games and finger food of course there was wine and beer for the adults too. We even had Alotau's "local celebrity" Habona turn up.

Robert's mother-Bubu Mums Anna flew in from Moresby along

Kaure's little cousin sister Taube for his party.

This year, I booked Island Adventure Tours (IAT)Recreation Park at Divinai (@ 25 mins drive out of Alotau). We packed all of Kaure's pals into the IAT van and drove them out to the park which is on the beach front. It was a cloudy day but we managed to cross the rivers without too much drama and despite a little bit of rain, the weather cleared and everyone had a ball. Here are the photos......Next year, my Uncle's already suggested we have Kaure's b/day at Sariba Is. (where I'm from). That'll be interesting.....maybe we'll hire a boat and do a camp out with all his pals on the island.....hmmm.....20 screaming kids on a 2 hour boat ride?.....then again maybe not!We'll see.

Jessica Ellis & Buta Chris
Uncle Ben and Nimrod caught in the rain.
Dad playing cricket with the boys.
Father and son.
Ariel,Javier & Zuriel digging into ice-cream.

Dad showing the ropes to Kaure and Buta Lani.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Miss Milne Bay girls photo shoot

Miss Milne Bay- Gabrielle Ova and
Vivien Norris (Miss Masurina)

After Gabrielle Ova was crowned "Miss Milne Bay 2007", (for more on the crowning night,please scroll down) Jean and I decided to arrange a photo shoot to feature the swimwear that I designed for our Recycled Clothing label- "RAGS2RICHES". PNG Women love to go second hand shopping,Jean and I are no exception, however we've decided to take our passion for SH shopping a bit further and start making our own garments using second hand
materials,especially denim and jazzing them up with bits of fabric,buttons,sequins etc.

Currently we design for women and are making recycled denim skirts,jeans and bags with plans to do more. For the crowning night, we decided to design swimwear using second jeans and skirts. The jeans were cut up,bleached and printed using contemporary Milne Bay designs. They were a hit on the night.

On a Sunday afternoon, we picked up a few of the Miss Milne Bay contestants including Miss Milne Bay herself-Gabby. We took a drive towards Eats Cape and pulled into a secluded beach to take the shots. Our mate Sean who was visiting from Oz jumped at the opportunity to be photographer for the day. The girls were natural and we all had fun........check it out.

Gabby in a one piece suit featuring
traditional Milne Bay bagi and lime
Margie in bright blue one piece suit Vivien in blue bikini & matching sarong Julie,Margie,Gabby & Vivien
Rags2Riches also designs Casual Wear
inlcuding bags like this one made from
a pair of jeans.

On the night of the Miss MB Crowning,

we also promoted education & literacy in

PNG by printing educational messages on t-shirts.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm a BIG BOY now! (Kaure turns 3)

Yaaaay! It's my betdey!
Mi an Aunty Lucy, my baby sita.

I can wid a book aaall by myself

I can bake biskets too!

My betday was on Thursday 16 August. I was 3 yias old, so now I’m a BIG BOY!
On my betday my Mummy cooked me my spesol bwekfast and my Daddy came fwom Pot Mosbi in da big plane. I was weely happy det Daddy came to see me. Daddy bought me my wota pistols and lots of pwesents!

On my betday Daddy and Mummy took me to Alotau Intanesonal Hotel and we ate dinner deya. Daddy bought my favewit….. PWAANS! I love pwans!

Afta da pwans I ate ICE CREAM!! YUMMY!!

Daddy got me stwabewee ice cweam. Dets me an mummy.

Mummy's lookin' a bit spak fwom da wine!

My stomach was weely weely full afta dat. I was playing monsta monsta wid Daddy

and biting his nose off! Haa haaa…… My Daddy’s making funny monsta faces!
I like playing wid my Daddy
I’m always happy when Daddy comes home to visit me!

Mummy tinks I'm going to look like dis

when I'm a big man like Daddy!