Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kaure's Bubu - John Nilkare

Kaure's Bubu John Nilkare(centre) dressed in
traditional Simbu costume at a recent rally
at Omkolai,Simbu Province(Highlands).

It's election time in PNG and Kaure's Bubu (Grandpa-Robert's Father) is currently standing for the Gumine Open Electorate Seat in his home province of Chimbu/Simbu.Here's a recent article about him featured in The National Newspaper.
Nilkare: Nationals to push for return of village services dept

A PNG National Party-led government would strive to revive and restore the village services department initiated in the 1990s but had since gone into hibernation. Prominent businessman and former politician John Nilkare revealed this during a PNG National Party rally in Omkolai in the Gumine district of South Simbu last Friday. Mr Nilkare said PNG National Party had strong policies in reviving and strengthening services meant for the rural areas of PNG.

He said if he wins the Gumine seat and is in the engine room of a PNG National Party-led government, the village services department of the Government would be revived for efficient services to filter down to the village level. Mr Nilkare, who once led the National Advancement Party in the 1990s succeeded in establishing the Village Services Department, aimed primarily at delivering goods and services to the village level. He is still a strong advocate for village services and is adamant that if his party gets into government, the programme would be revived. He told a big gathering at Omkolai that they would ensure that village court magistrates, peace officers, peace mediators and councillors were put on fortnightly payroll.
“Funds earmarked for the district would be channeled from Waigani directly to the respective districts,” Mr Nilkare said. He challenged the people of Gumine that if they voted him to be their MP, he would ensure all deteriorating roads and bridges would be maintained before December this year. “If I fail to deliver this promise to you,I will slaughter several cows and pigs for you, and if I succeed in delivering my promise, you the people of Gumine will slaughter
the pigs and cows for me,” Mr Nilkare said.
The former Gumine and Simbu Regional MP said Simbu province had a lot of highly educated professionals who were working outside. “A National Party-led government would ensure the creation of an environment attractive enough to bring them back to serve their own people and their country.” The Gumine seat is currently held by People’s National Congress (PNC) party man Nick Kuman. Simbu Regional’s People’s Progress Party candidate Aiwa Olmi also attended the rally and spoke to the people about his aspirations.
Something tells me whichever way things turn out, there aren't going to be too many pigs or cows left in Chimbu after the elections!Kaure's only met his bubu a few times in Moresby,otherwise,there's not much contact with him.

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