Tuesday, July 3, 2007

You know you've been in Alotau for a while when......

  • The Taxi driver says pay me later
  • You start wearing thongs (slippers) everywhere
  • You start greeting people with “How” or "Gudi"
  • Y ou start chewing betel nut more
  • You become very fluent in Milne Bay English,therefore......
  • Your ability to form basic sentences in English becomes more and more difficult and you start saying things like " My head is paining" or "Ewaa, det one how?".
  • Your idea of take away is hot sago,chestnuts and smoked squid or fish at the market.
  • You go for a walk and every second person says Gudi or Hallo to you!
  • You start planting tapioca and yams in your garden.
  • You actually start gardening,baking and sewing!Activities you would never have dreamed of doing before life in Milne Bay!
  • Habona adds his shopping to yours at the check out counter
  • You know how to ask for betel nut in 6 different languages
  • You refer to everyone older than you as –Aunty, Uncle or Bubui
  • You’re buying new towels every month cos your relies keep
    walking away with them.
  • The only jewellery you have on is your bagi
  • Friday nights you’re either at Napatana’s Trivia Night, Masurina’s Family Night or partying at The Jetty-Alotau Int'l Hotel
  • You find a relative working in every shop or company you walk into.
  • Every other person you meet was either your Mum or Dad’s classmate at Cameron High School. This is one of my Bubui's (Mum's mum) younger sisters- Bubui Goini who lives on Galahi Is. She may look like she's wearing lipstick but it's actually sada (betel nut). She's always smiling,is loud,loves a laugh and has a weakness for beads and bright coloured necklaces.

Another of my Grandmother's younger sisters-Haliesa (namesake), we both share the name of one of my great grand bubus-Adinaleu (pronounced Ahdeenahleooo). Haliesa was sick recently so has been in Alotau seeking treatment. She lives on Logea Is. and has a very gentle nature.

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