Monday, July 2, 2007

Some old photos

I was recently sent some old photos of Kaure when he was around 4 months old by my friend Hennah Joku. Hennah lives and teaches at Malang State University on Java Island,Indonesia. She has a gorgeous daughter Shontae who lives in Port Moresby with her partner Paul Wynn. Hennah has been awarded yet another scholarship to further her studies in linguistics at Yogjakarta which means she'll be in Indo for the next 4 years!! Kaure and I will definitely be visiting!Hennah and I share a creative streak, we love to brainstorm and come up with crazy business ideas and we especially love to go second hand shopping together (fact: PNG women love to go second hand shopping!). On that note, Henz is probably the only friend I know who can fit into a 5 yr old's jeans and t-shirt- she is that tiny!

Check out our beautiful babies!I can't believe how fast he's grown! Kaure now knows how to answer the phone, he helps me cook, he loves to be told stories and prefers to select his own clothes in the mornings (I think Spiderman and Batman suits are getting a bit worn out this week) He also runs very fast so I should be losing that 10 kilos any day now.Something tells me he's going to be very athletic.

Kaure Muala at 4 months

with friend Shontae Wynn -Port Moresby

Enjoying milkshakes with Mum and

Shontae at Airways Pooside Cafe-Port Moresby

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