Saturday, June 2, 2007

Foot Massages & Couch Therapy at the Bungalow

Couch Therapy at my bungalow is something that has accidentally become a bit of a ritual for my friends and I, especially on Sunday mornings. Elaine, Jeannie or both of them usually turn up some time in the morning or evening for coffee, tea,brunch,wine or left overs. It's basically an excuse to catch up and talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more.

I have a large cane couch on my verandah that I inherited some years ago from my dearest friend Haley Whitfield who now lives in Brisbane,Australia. It's a very comfy couch, perfect for recovering from a hang over or just lazing around on. Last Sunday we invited the lovely Anne Wood, a Beauty Therapist who's new in town, to conduct a bit of foot therapy on us. Originally from Normanby Is. and Australia, Anne was previously working at The Nail Bar -Holiday Inn Hotel-Port Moresby. She is currenty looking at setting up shop here in Alotau which is great news for the ladies (and men-she even offers back waxing guys!) I'm not one to wear nail polish every day or pay much attention to a daily beauty routine, but every once in a while, it's kind of fun.

Jeannie's first time to use a foot spa.

Anne cleaning Maxine's foot
Maxine's feet after the foot makeover.
There's nothing like having your feet
pampered after a long hard
If you're in Alotau and you
need some serious beauty therapy, see Anne
Wood. She runs "Perfect Paws-for people" and
offers Manicures, Pedicures and Waxing
for men & women.

Afterwards, Elaine whipped up some Pisang
Manis (Sweet Banana,honey & lime) for us.
Kaure loved it!
Couch Therapy the night before
with candles,hibiscus & a bottle of Port.
Jeannie & Kaure
Somebody's not very happy!
Elaine after a few glasses of Port.

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