Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Daddy and me

I like sleeping wid my daddy.

Daddy and me have da same nose.
I love mummy too.

When my daddy comes, he used to take me in his car and we used to go for spin in town.
I'm tired

My daddy's from Chimbu,in da highlands where deyas plenty of biiig mountains. Mummy said it's very cold up dea. I want to go dea wid my daddy one day.
Me an daddy spinning in da car.
We went to da airport to leave daddy.
We went to da riva before da plane came
I like trowin' stones in da riva.

My daddy used to take me to Papindo to buy my prawns den we go back to the house and he cooks dem for me. I love prawns, so does mummy, but daddy can't eat prawns, adawise he might get sick. Daddy always cooks me yummy food.
Det's me eating daddy's pen

My daddy went on da plane.
I saw daddy going and I cried.
I'm not happy wid daddy.

My daddy lives in Mosbi.His office is in town. He stayed for short time an den he went back in da big plane. I was sad when he left me. He made me cry when he got on da plane. I want to go to Mosbi an see my daddy but mummy said later we'll go.

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Jane & Cam said...

Oh my gosh Kaure Muala - you are really growing up into a big boy!

You may have your Daddy's nose, but we think you've got your Mummy's eyes. : )

Love and hugs,
Aunty Jane and Uncle Cam