Monday, June 25, 2007

Here comes the rain!

It's wet season in Milne Bay so yes from here on until about October, it'll be nothing but rainy days ahead. Actually they say it's usually around March/April that the wet season kicks in. Lately we've had a few sunny days but they are becoming rarer. Sometimes it feels like 4 seasons in one day! And when the rain does come,it almost sneaks up on you and then pours down on you when you least expect it. The sound of the rain is quite loud and thunderous in our building,after two years,I'm used to it but initially it was frightening. I've grown to appreciate it now and from our location, it's quite beautiful to watch the rain or a storm rolling in across the bay.Just so you get an idea of what it's like here at the moment, have a look at these images.

Alotau Market on a Saturday morning
Main warf, Sanderson Bay
Two yachts in the bay
Early morning at Gurney Airport
Driving in the rain
KBD Beachfront
Kaure muala and his funky liklik puk puks

(little crocs) from Uncle Cam &
Aunty Jane

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