Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our Garden

One thing I love about being in Milne Bay is that everything grows so easily here. I love tropical flowers, the brighter, the better, especially hibiscus,frangipanis and heliconias so am often collecting and exchanging different varieties with other people. When I first arrived at EMB two years ago, there were no plants around the bungalows and not many flowering plants, now there's a lot more. Take a look.

Our bungalow surrounded by greenery,

a stark contrast to when we first arrived.


Elaine said...

Hi Maxi
Your garden is gorgeous!! Take a bow. Your artist 'eye' and so good design skills are obvious. Just looking at the colours and the lushness takes me back- I could almost ,smell, all that tropical earthy garden smell! (And that's something from cold and soggy Adelaide). Keep the greenfingers club going! (not sure abt midnight postings tho..)
luv + hugs

max&kaureinalotau said...

Hi Elaine!!!So good to hear frm you
again. I saw yr earlier comment and sent a loong email to you earlier this week, but was advised you're on leave.

Let me know your personal email address.

Thanks for the positive comments!Talk soon. Tonnes of love & hugs,
from me & sloppy kisses frm & Kaure